Data Management & Analysis Training Program in Abuja | Free for first 10 Registrants

This dynamic and interactive training course is aimed at personnel who have, or will soon have responsibility for managing data using MS Excel on a day to day basis.  The training course assumes zero knowledge, begins with an introduction to the Excel environment and ends with delegates being skilled in using 50+ MS Excel functions, sophisticated data management and charting techniques and advanced data analysis capability.

Course Objectives

At the end of this training, participants will be able to;

  • Analyse relationships across information and data using MS Excel
  • Generate data forecasts using MS Excel
  • Organise your company’s data in a more structured manner
  • Analyse your data effectively using various MS Excel techniques
  • Select the appropriate chart for your data

Course Outline

An Introduction to the MS Excel Environment
  • Cell referencing, cell formatting and entering formula
  • Workbooks versus Worksheets
  • Copy and pasting
  • Left click versus right click
Using MS Excel Functions for Fundamental Data Analysis
  • Use of text function, FIND(), LEN(), LEFT(), RIGHT() and &
  • Use of count functions, COUNTA(), COUNTIF(), COUNTIFS() and SUMIF()
  • Basic statistical functions, Max and Average
  • Filtering, sorting and use of conditional formatting
  • Scatter diagrams
Intermediate MS Excel Functions
  • Use of VLOOKUP() and HLOOKUP()
  • Date functions, YEAR(), MONTH(), DAY(), YEARFRAC()
  • Selecting appropriate charts
Carrying out Statistical Analysis using MS Excel
  • Using MS Excel to calculate mean, mode and median
  • The difference between the various standard deviation and variance function in MS Excel
  • Using MS Excel to examine inter-dependency
  • Drawing histograms in MS Excel
  • Introduction to Data Analysis functions
“What if” and Scenario Analysis Using MS Excel
  • Naming cells in MS Excel
  • Linking cells together to undertake scenario analysis
  • Introduction to solver
  • Advanced charting
  • Sharing MS Excel output with other office formats

What do you get as part of the training?

  •  Certificate of Attendance


  • Engr. Femi Adesola, PMP
  • Engr. Tunde Jimoh
  • PMTutor – a leading project management training provider, and PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P. 3732)

How  to register

  1. Go to, fill out your details and we’ll get back to you
  2. Call us on +2348066842292 or +2348098419301
  3. Send an email to

Delivery method

  • Weekend – 4 weekends starting from October 20, 2018

Training Cost

Normally, this training costs NGN30,000.00. However, you will pay ONLY NGN10,000.o0.