Project Management Professional (PMP) Training – March, 2019

Following the success of our last PMP training, we’re a launching a new session in a few weeks on the 23rd of March, 2019. This time, we have secured a new venue at the Midel Centre, Abuja, updated our content, and we are also offering as a bonus, Microsoft Office Project. 

Here’s a look at what you missed last year.

About Project Management Professional (PMP)®

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification is the most recognized qualification in the field of project management. This PMP® training, using the PMBOK sixth edition, is designed to provide personnel with a practical application and understanding of the project management principles, concepts, tools and techniques applied across the organization, along with the global standards from which they are derived.

Course Objectives

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • To understand the various project components in detail and learn how to effectively integrate these different parts to ensure successful project outcomes
  • To acquire resource management skills
  • To learn how to apply the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • To know how to uncover the risks associated with a project
  • To demonstrate project execution and project control techniques required for project success
  • To carry out project closure activities on time and get formal sign-off on projects

Course Outline

Introduction to Project Management

  • Overview and Purpose
  • Foundational Elements

The Environment in which projects operate

  • Enterprise Environmental Factors
  • Organizational Process Assets
  • Organizational Systems

The role of the Project Manager

  • Definition of a Project Manager
  • The Project Manager’s Sphere of Influence
  • Project Manager Competencies
  • Performing Integration

Project Integration Management

  • Develop Project Charter
  • Develop Project Management Plan
  • Direct and Manage Project Work
  • Manage Project Knowledge
  • Monitor and Control Project Work
  • Perform Integrated Change Control
  • Close Project or Phase

Project Scope Management

  • Plan Scope Management
  • Collect Requirements
  • Define Scope
  • Create WBS
  • Validate Scope
  • Control Scope

Project Schedule Management

  • Plan Schedule Management
  • Define Activities
  • Sequence Activities
  • Estimate Activity Durations
  • Develop Schedule
  • Control Schedule

Project Cost Management

  • Plan Cost Management
  • Estimate Costs
  • Determine Budget
  • Control Costs

Project Quality Management

  • Plan Quality Management
  • Manage Quality
  • Control Quality

Project Resource Management

  • Plan Resource Management
  • Estimate Activity Resources
  • Acquire Resources
  • Develop Team
  • Manage Team
  • Control Resources

Project Communications Management

  • Plan Communications Management
  • Manage Communications
  • Monitor Communications

Project Risk Management

  • Plan Risk Management
  • Identify Risks
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Plan Risk Responses
  • Implement Risk Responses
  • Monitor Risks

Project Procurement Management

  • Plan Procurement Management
  • Conduct Procurements
  • Control Procurements

Project Stakeholder Management

  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  • Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

What do you get as part of the training?

  •  Certificate of Attendance
  • 35 contact hours certificate (a requirement for the PMP exam)


  • Engr. Femi Adesola, PMP

How  to register

  1. Go to, fill out your details and we’ll get back to you
  2. Call us on +2348066842292 or +2348023625304
  3. Send an email to

Delivery method

  • Weekend program– March 23, March 30, April 6 & April 13, 2019

Training Cost

  • NGN35,000.00 ONLY




What if you’re not available for 4 weekends?

You can choose the Project Management Fundamentals course, which offers the same course content, scaled down. It is a great stepping stone to launch your project management career and will count as credit for you when you come back for your PMP course with us. It costs NGN20,000.00 only

For more information or for advice on what course suits you best, please get in touch with us.

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